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DLM hydraulic dock levelers are push-button activated.  They utilize fully powered raise and lip extension functions with hydraulic cylinders and individual or multi-unit hydraulic pump and motor stations. Hydraulic levelers are the easiest to operate and require the lowest maintenance. They’re also the safest loading dock choice, as these levelers contain in-line velocity fuses to prevent free fall in a truck pull-out situation.

DH Hydraulic LevelerDH Series Hydraulic Leveler

The DH Leveler combines superior structural steel characteristics with an economically efficient hydraulic system.



> Inverted Hoist Cylinder

> Platform Free-Fall Protection

> Translucent Hydraulic Reservoir

> Capacity Range:  25,000 - 60,000 CIR


LHD Hydraulic LevelerLHD Series Hydraulic Leveler

The LHD Leveler utilizes cost-effective hydraulic technology with our efficient deck and frame design to produce a reliable, price sensitive hydraulic dock leveler.



> Fully Hydraulic Yieldable Lip Cylinder

> Translucent Hydraulic Reservoir

> Capacity Range:  25,000 - 40,000 CIR