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Engineering Excellence

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Quality Focused

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Made in the USA

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  •   Solid Business Understanding - We develop a thorough application knowledge of your business and relate the appropriate products to your objective.
  •   Dedication to support - We offer lifetime product support including comprehensive, on-site training; freight coordination; technical service; part replacement; and warranty fulfillment.
  •   Technical Competence - We deliver the highest quality product and are willing to stand behind it with a strong guaranty and warranty.
  •   High Quality Dock Leveling Equipment - Since we first began manufacturing dock levelers in 1961 we have been committed to quality and safety.
  •   Turnkey Loading Dock Solutions - We are your one-stop-shop for complete loading dock solutions.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What leveler is right for me?

Generally, decisions on which type of leveler best suits your company are based on frequency of use, maintenance availability, and budget constraints. 

Push button levelers, such as hydraulic or air powered levelers, are the easiest to use and lowest maintenance option.  Mechanical levelers are the lowest price option. 

Our dealership network sales force can work with you to find the leveler and restraint choice that best suit your needs.   

What capacity leveler should I purchase?

Leveler capacity can be calculated by combining the weight of your fork truck including batteries and attachments to the total weight of the freight being carried. Other factors worth noting are the frequency of loads, future increases in fork truck size or load size, and dock height.  Our dealership network sales force can work with you to find the leveler capacity which are best suited to your needs.

Why purchase a vertical leveler?

Vertical levelers are most often used in food warehousing or food processing facilities.  These units store vertically allowing the overhead door to seal tightly to the pit floor reducing outside air infiltration and increasing pest control. Vertical levelers can also allow the swing doors of semi-trailers to be opened inside of the building. They are the easiest levelers to clean around and inspect. Our dealership network sales force can work with you to find the leveler design which is best suited to your needs.

Why purchase a truck restraint?

Truck restraints are the best way to protect your people from the dangers of a truck leaving the loading dock prematurely. Truck restraints help communicate the loading and unloading process to the truck driver as well as preventing a truck from leaving the dock while loading and unloading are still taking place.  Truck restraints are available as both active and passive style restraints. An active style restraint removes the gap between the trucks rear impact guard and the restraint while a passive restraint is a simple barrier to the trucks rear impact guard.  Restraints can be interlocked to powered dock levelers forcing your people to use the restraints and providing the safest environment for loading or unloading a truck possible.

Our dealership network sales force can work with you to find the restraint design which is best suited to your needs and help you apply them to your building operation.

Why should I talk to a dealer representative?

There are many details when applying a dock leveler to your building that are critical to maximizing the effectiveness of the equipment. Dock height, drive approach grade, wall overhangs, truck information,  product requirements, etc. are all important. Our sales people have years of experience designing, applying, installing and servicing loading dock equipment. They are your best resource when choosing equipment.  They can bring knowledge and experiences from previous projects that will help guide you through your choices.

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