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TS Series Mechanical Edge-of-Dock

Edge of Dock Mechanical Leveler


DLM TS Series Edge-of-Docks are an economical choice costing even less than a comparably-rated portable plate. The advantage of the TS series Edge-of-Dock leveler is the ergonomically friendly positioning of the unit onto the truck bed. They're easy and safe to operate, doing away with the heavy lifting generally associated with "hook style" EOD's. The TS series features a compact counter balance making it ideal for recessed leveler installations. They have relatively few moving parts, so maintenance is easy and durability is outstanding.


The TS is offered in deck widths of 66", 72", 78", & 84" with total unit widths (including bumpers) of 104", 110", 116", & 122". Standard capacities are 20K, 25K, 30K, & 35K CIR (comparative industry rating).

Wide Range of Bumper Options

Optional 18" tall steel faced or laminated bumpers available. Optional sliding bumpers that rise as the truck is being loaded and reduce wear also available.

Four Gussets Are Standard

Four vertical steel gussets aid in supporting the leveler while in use reducing maintenance and increasing leveler life.

Full Width Distribution Bar

Additional full width bar stock hinge support increases hinge life by distributing loads throughout the leveler hinge.

Heavy Duty Bumper Blocks are Standard

Each unit ships with 12x13 heavy duty bumper blocks with 4" thick Tuf-Cord rubber bumpers.

Milled Lip Edge for Smooth Tire Rollover

Entire length of leveler lip edge tapered for smooth rollover and to reduce fork truck tire wear.

TS-66 66" 104"
TS-72 72" 110"
TS-78 78" 116"
TS-84 84" 122"


35,000 (N/A for TS-84)

Mechanical EOD Operation

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