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Bar Lift Barrier

Loading Dock Safety Barrier


DLM’s Bar-Lift Barrier prevents lift trucks from driving over the dock edge while simultaneously protecting your loading dock doors from damage. Hydraulic operation provides years of trouble-free service for use with both mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers. The Bar-Lift Barrier can also be installed on docks without levelers.


This unit is rated to withstand repeated impacts by a 10,000 lbs. load moving at 4 mph. Standard units (including stanchion, barrier arm, and receiver pocket) are 12’1” wide. Customized widths and gusseted models are also available to protect the bottom panel of overhead doors.

Door Track and Door Jamb Protection

Unit protects the door track and door jamb from damage when in the vertical position.

Protection for the Overhead Door

With or without optional fork lift protection the barrier offers collosion protection for the overhead door.

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