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Portable Steel Yard Ramp


The yard ramp allows for traffic to move from the dock level down to the ground or from the ground up into the back of a truck, which helps loading/unloading flow smoothly. The 18” industrial solid rubber pneumatic tires allow for easy movement of the ramp around your shipping yard to have you ready in minutes to begin loading/unloading. The hydraulic adjustment system permits fast reliable height adjustment of the yard ramp with virtually any trailer bed height.

Versatility is Paramount in a Yard Ramp

The standard heavy duty axle assembly with 18” industrial solid rubber pneumatic tires provides excellent mobility for positioning. In addition the axle assembly can be removed or raised for permanent dock ramp installations.

Heavy Duty Structure

Structure consists of heavy duty formed steel side girders fully welded to high strength steel joists. (Picture shows under side of ramp.)

High visibility 8" yellow run-off guards.

Tow Clamp

The "tow clamp" connects between the ramp pocket and the tow hitch of your fork truck and permits easy transportation of the ramp over longer distances.

Yard Ramp in place at dock

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